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Why Can’t People Burn Fat

Many thousands of people all over the world have attempted to lose weight and some multiple times over months and years – maybe that is you, maybe not? By the age of 14, the majority of teen girls have attempted at least one diet, and the pursuit of being thin can become a lifelong struggle.

Here is the question of the century, “what is the number one reason why people cannot lose weight in the first place”? It is interesting to note, it’s not necessarily having a perfect metabolism or merely increasing physical exercise alone, although these can benefit a person, in our experience, they are not the most vital aspect of fat loss. Fat building chart

Under our program individuals have lost up to 80lbs of fat without exercise. The answer in losing weight is not in exercise or eliminating a major food group (i.e. protein, fats, or carbohydrates) – in fact, we encourage clients to “ditch the diets”.

Additionally, the Shape It Weight Loss System is not limited to adult men, women, and seniors, but is also safe and effective to be utilized by children and teens struggling with weight issues, and even severe obesity.

Regardless of the age, the number one reason most people cannot lose weight remains the same. The answer to the question of why most people cannot lose weight: the ill-timed reintroduction of carbohydrates in the improper amounts throughout the day. Another way to put it “in general” is this, by reintroducing (eating) carbohydrates, the body has to release insulin, and when the body releases insulin, free fatty acids (FFA) will not be released into the blood stream – in other words, the body can not burn fat. It’s a scientific fact.

It is really that simple, believe it or not. Because of the nature of our carbohydrate dominant society, it’s far too easy to consume carbohydrates between meals; there are carbohydrate based fruit drinks, soda drinks, foods with sweeteners, fast foods, and even so-called “natural”, and “health foods”, which are still carbohydrate based, it’s as though the public is at a serious disadvantage.

The untold truth is this, when we reduce insulin levels in our system, the body can create what we call “fat burning zones”, these would be the hours between meals where the body may burn fat.


Therefore, if a person wants to burn fat, you must create an environment where YOUR body can burn fat in between your meals until you obtain your ideal weight. As mentioned earlier, proper exercise can be beneficial, but again, we have client’s that could not exercise, and have done well.

When the right eating lifestyle is maintained it creates a stable and steady source of fuel to the body, this is also called “blood-sugar stabilization”.


Why People Burn Fat Slowly or Not At All

Next, the number two reason that people have difficulty in burning fat is due the fact the brain uses lean muscle for fuel. When the brain does not have a timely and steady source of fuel, the brains is inclined to breakdown and use your body’s lean muscle for fuel.


If the body is using your lean muscle for fuel, then you reduce the body’s fat burning ability. Combine the loss of lean muscle and bathing one’s body insulin all day, restricting the release of “Free Fatty Acids” (F.F.A.), and you get the perfect environment for one thing, holding fat, and burning fat slowly, or not burning fat at all. Now we don’t want to oversimplify, but any weight management system must address these two principles which are foundational in achieving “permanent” fat loss, and in obtaining your ideal body weight.


The Guaranteed Fat Loss System

Our Weight (Fat) Loss System teaches you how to “Feed the brain and preserve the muscle™”, while reducing the amount of insulin throughout the day, so you can maximize your fat loss – Fast! Even better, our program brings permanent results, and addition benefits such as:

      • Stabilized blood sugar levels
      • Increase fat utilization
      • Decrease excessive levels of blood glucose and insulin
      • Sustained blood alkaline levels
      • Increased blood oxygen levels
      • Reduce inflammation
      • Increase glutathione levels
      • Sustain caspase enzyme activity
      • Support “neutralization” and “elimination” of toxins
      • Promote movement of bio-electrical current
      • And more


By substantially limiting the amount of time insulin stays in the body, and preventing the breakdown of lean muscle that burns fat, the human body becomes a serious, serious fat burning machine, add exercise, if possible (cardio and resistance training), and the body will even burn fat while you are at rest.

Our weight management system is guaranteed in writing to work, and provides a certificate of guarantee, it’s just that good.


Unleashing Unlimited Energy                            

We did not stop at the traditional fat burning and lean muscle maximization! The Shape It Guaranteed Fat Loss System provides one more huge benefit, unlocking Unlimited Energy!41231

Burning fat provides twice the energy calories of protein or carbohydrates, so there is a natural energy gain. But in order to be able to unlock unlimited energy stores, your body has to ensure it has a well functioning thyroid.

The Guaranteed Fat Loss System provides the fundamental building nutrients to encourage a well functioning thyroid; these nutrients amounts are customized to your unique biochemistry.


Furthermore, to create and maintain unlimited energy, your body must have the ability to transport out the many toxins which can be released from the increased cellular metabolism (functioning), and the toxins, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals also released from the fat cells, which have been stored over time.

Our proprietary weight loss system takes this into account all the above aspects of weight (fat) loss, lean muscle preservation, and unlocking unlimited energy stores, while nurturing your body according to its unique individualized biochemistry.


Each and every weight management program may different; we do not apply a one-size-fits-all, just like everyone can not wear the same shoe size. Your body’s metabolism, cellular functioning, and unique nutrient needs may be compared to a fingerprint, and our comprehensive Weight Loss/Wellness Program provides for each aspect of your uniqueness.

If you have questions, please feel to call us at 818.343.1200, or email us


Our Program Provides:

-100% Personalization                         -Improved wellness
-A complete nutrition team                  -Eat the foods you love, and still lose weight
-Food as the foundation                       -How foods switch on & off our body’s energy
-Permanent Results                               -There is NO DIETING! Safe for any age
-A written guarantee                             -Iron clad certificate of guarantee
-Fast measurable results                    -It’s your life, your goals, your choice


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 Created by Mr. Elyon Williams, NC, Director of Chadash Health Institute, LLC