Client’s Review

Look and see what our happy clients say about us. We, at Shape it Fitness gym in Tarzana, are proud of our clients and continue to be serving them with excellence and integrity.
When you go to this place ask for Sia! He is my hero and mentor. Very professional kick boxer who helped me achieve my goals in a very short time.

Overall, this is a solid gym with very reasonable rates, excellent customer service, and a respect for a healthy lifestyle.

Alireza G. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Woodland Hills

Sahand is a great trainer. He is punctual, informative and cares about his clients. I’ve been training with him for years without a single complaint.
Ezra S. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Downtown, Los Angeles

I have been training  at  Shapeitfitness for almost two years now.  My trainer is amazing he motivates me to work out three times a week. Each time the work out is challenging but fun! The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. For that personal focus to get to your ideal goal this is the place I would highly recommend
Monalisa L. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

Its been 6 months since i started to train with Sahand… My fat went down from 18% to 15%, my body looks amazing so far, he is very professional, never flake and have a lot of knowledge, I used to go to different gyms before but i didnt like the big ones, was too busy and i felt that i need something smaller and more private.
Highly recommend to check those guys out… 😉
Tomer P. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

if you want to get in shape, but you are lazy, this is the place to go. The trainers will get you back in shape. They dont joke around. I lost 26 lbs in 3 months. They will work you into shape. Results speaks lower than any words and numbers dont lie. Even with my back injury they helped me loose weight. Thank you Sahand, Thank you Amir.
David M. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

Wanna work out? No REALLY WORKOUT.. Check this place out. The trainers are pros not posers. If you are serious about getting in shape & hitting your goals this is the gym for you.   This is a no nonsense place for everyone from professional athletes to people who are serious about being in shape.
I’ve been working out with Shaida for almost 7 weeks and have lost more than 5% of my body fat, all of that tough belly fat & increased core strength immensely.
She knows her stuff. Tell her your goals and then follow thru. You’ll never regret it and who knows you might even feel better.
It’s time!
Jack R. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Encino

I can’t get enough of this Gym! I never thought I would like to work out…until now!
My Trainer Shayda Kicks Butt!!!!! Love everyone there!!!!
Ophelia S. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Encino

I have been training with Amir for about a month and it has been absolutely amazing. I have been with other trainers in the past but working with Amir has kept me consistent with my workouts every week and it never gets boring. He changes up the routine so you never get bored from a redundant workout. He also put me on a diet that I’ve been following and the results started showing just a few weeks into the start of my training. If you’re looking for an inspiring, yet challenging trainer to get you that body you’ve been wanting, go see Amir!
Yas H. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Woodland Hills

I have been working out with Shaida for over 3 years.  Prior to Shaida, I had worked out with several other trainers for many years and never saw the results that I was striving for. Shaida is an incredible trainer. She has changed my life in so many ways. She  is extremely knowledgeable in her business and her knowledge and experience is reflected in the results ofall of her clients. There is not one client whose life she hasn’t changed. She is compassionate and understanding, yet she knows what it takes to see results and she will push towards that goal.  The results always come! She is an amazing person and a fabulous trainer. I am so lucky to have found her.
She, truly, is the best of the best.

The gym, Shape It, is great. It’s large with lots of equipment. As busy as it is, you never have to wait to use any of the equipment. All the trainers are very friendly which makes the gym a wonderful experience. I always look forward to going there.  The gym is a 10++++.

Marcy M. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Tarzana

The shape it fitness gym one of the big gyms I seen today & prode of Amir Assad Mohammadian & Kamran & Hooman

Good job dear amir

Me & Kamran & Hooman love you deeply

Kamran Losangeles | Facebook

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

That’s very special because the trainer is Amir Assad Mohammadin, proud of you dear amir assad
Kamran Ezi | Facebook

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

Best gym and Personal Trainers in the San Fernando Valley
Sheila Kert | Facebook

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

I have been working out with Amir for the last 6 years and I am very thankful for what he has done for me. He has a great personality and sense of humor. I love his workout routines. In all these years he always has something new for me, never boring and spends a lot more time with his clients than he is supposed to.
He also makes the gym a great place and atmosphere.
Would highly recommend him to all people that are serious about their health.
Farzin D. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Oak Park

At Shape It Fitness, one trainer in particular I believe stand’s out, Siamak Limouchi.

The first day I met with him, even before touching any weights, Siamak sat down with me and told me getting a good body is not magic. It will take hard work, consistency, and dedication. What sets Siamak apart from other trainers is how when you talk and train with him, you know he is very dedicated to you and making sure you will have a good body, making sure you are on top of your diet, and making sure you are working out and pushing yourself outside of your training sessions. He texts you to remind you to work out, to eat well, as well as the schedule of the workout routine you performed the day before. Something very important for me is detail. Siamak makes sure every rep of every set you are doing is correct. I remember a couple of times I would get to the 8th or 9th rep of a set and the 10th rep would  be mediocore. Siamak would tell me “when you write an essay do you just write the entire essay then leave the conclusion hanging, of course not?!” Clearly, he understands that if you want to do something well, you must do it correctly. The most important thing I believe with Siamak is that he gives you realistic workout routines that you can do at your own gym, when not training with him. Some trainers will give you workout routines that you can only do with the trainer, thus making you dependent on the trainer, never being able to let go. Siamak is a true teacher, a true bodybuilder and truly pleasant person. I look forward to all of my workouts with him. If you are thinking about getting a trainer, Siamak is the best, hands down.

Shervin T. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

I discovered Shape it Fitness by chance. I wanted some cardio workouts to incorporate into my activities and wanted to inquire about boxing classes. After walking in I took notice of the trainers working with clients. I thought why not train a bit and gain some strength before attempting to box. I set up an appointment and Paul hooked me up with Sahand “Sam”. I have been working out 3 times a week and never ever have felt this strong (mentally & physically). I have a bad knee (had surgery years ago) and a weak back combined with some shoulder pain. My trainer knows his stuff. He will work me out but never to the extent of causing any pain or further injury. He communicates and respects the feedback I give him. I have worked out with trainers in the past. All that happened was I bulked up and instead of losing weight I put on muscle. Amir gave me the food plan and together with Sahand they answer all my questions and address my concerns. The gym is clean and has all the equipment and machines you can imagine. Everyone is like family and I would recommend this gym to all those who are skeptical or afraid to hire a trainer. Try it and you will be hooked. I have received more compliments on the way I look now, in the few months I have trained here then the years of working out on my own or training with other trainers. I was lucky to drive by and walk in. It changed my life by increasing my confidence and energy level. I know I couldn’t do it on my own and Shape it Fitness is the place to train and learn.
Joelle M. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

Sia came in and bought a gs350 from the Lexus dealer I work at. He explained to me that he was a personal trainer so i looked him up, and the results have been fantastic. I’ve worked with a few different trainers before, but none have helped me as well as Sia has. If you visit here, its a no-brainer… Work with Sia.
Arman C. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Valley Village, Los Angeles

Great trainers, great big and nice gym, great music!
Ray N. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

Amir is an outstanding trainer! The dedication and commitment he puts into his clients cannot be found anywhere else. I have been with him for over 7 years and I have never been more satisfied with my physique, health, and image. The environment is very convenient and suitable for comfortable and focused training.
Nikki A. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Beverly Hills

I have been working out with my trainer Troy for the past 2 months and the results have been incredible. I first came into Shape It Fitness as a walk in one day just looking for something other than the standard membership to a gym which I never fully take advantage of. I met with Paul and he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable so I signed up for 3 sessions a week for 6 months. I couldn’t be happier with the trainer I got paired up with, the interactive excercises, and the conversation during my workout. It is so much more than just excercise for me today and most importantly working out has become fun and enjoyable. Thank you Shape It Fitness for doing more for me than I could do for myself.
Carl Melek-Shalom | Facebook

Shape it Fitness Client, Huntington Beach

Just saw an episode of Khloe & Lamar where Khloe Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, and Lamar Odom were working out at Shape It Fitness!
Stacey Bv | Facebook

Shape it Fitness Client, Tarzana

Love it.
Roxanne Ganji | Facebook

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

I have been going to Amir at Shape it fitness for over a year and I was one to start a workout regimen and quit half way but Amir and his team motivated and disciplined me to the point that I hate to miss my workout. He knows exactly where your problem areas are and works on those and they are such a great friendly team that makes it enjoyable to be at the gym. I have to say the clients are great too we all know each other and it feels like we’re family. Thanks Amir and team
Eoxanne G. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

Most professional personal trainers ever!!! I loved  the gym and all of the personal trainers! Specially  SANAZ and AMIR, They just change my life with exercise and diet plans,I lost about 30 pounds in only 2 months and  Im reallty happy with my new body!! You guys are amazing!!!!! Sanaz jon thanks for everything.
Hasti G. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Woodland Hills

Amir is the best trainer i have ever been with. As an athlete I’ve been wanting someone to help me out physically so i can perform better on the court and Amir has been amazing. If you’re an athlete and want to overall perform better on the court Amir is a perfect trainer for you.
R F. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, West Hills

Shapeitfitness is one of the Best gym in our town. Easy access , the parking is easy all the time. Professional trainers with the Best owner GYM, manager and specialist in sport field Amir Asad.
All client are satisfied because Shapeitfitness is WHITE place. I suggest to all athletic and beginner come to Shapeitfitness.
Sahand D. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

Shape It Fitness is a great place to work out- nice environment with friendly and knowledgeable staff/trainers. The parking is also very easy and convenient, which is a plus. I am very happy to have found this gym in my area.
Victoria F. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

I wanted to get back in shape and did not want to go to the bigger gyms because I felt like I wouldn’t be focused on what I wanted to achieve and I wanted to see results. I started training with Amir and he is the best trainer ever!! I can honestly say my body was more toned in a week! I don’t think any other trainer can help you do that. Amir is the most knowlegable trainer and it is never a boring workout with him. He always has new stuff for you to do. If you want to see serious results go to Amir.
Jamone I. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, West Hollywood, Los Angeles

This review is long overdue! I’ve been working out at Shape It Fitness for a few months now & all I can say is that this place has the most professional and knowledgeable trainers in town. I have lost so much weight since I first signed up, and honestly, I am loving the results. Not only is their staff professional – their equipment is CLEAN and up- to – date. At Shape It, you are not just another customer. The trainers here cater  to your individual needs & help you sculpt the body of your dreams. If you are looking for a personal trainer – look no further. Consult a professional at Shape It, and get the results you are looking for!!!!!
Janelle S. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

Love,love ,love this place!!! I have  been going to this gym almost 4 months ,3 times a week .My trainer is Amir and he is fantastic! We do cardio,weights ,boxing . My husband also trains with Amir and he couldnt be any happier. He has trained with many other trainers in the past and Amir is by far the best. Overall the Gym  is a nice, friendly, clean environment.
A M. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

Great and very convenient gym for private training. Amir is the best!
Sheila Z. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Beverly Hills

The best trainer, excellent environment, amazing results, fair pricing, that is my experience with this facility. I highly recommend this establishment.
Michael Bagheri | Facebook

Shape it Fitness Client, Tarzana


Gym Time! Yep! 

Martin Gergov | Facebook

Shape it Fitness Client, Tarzana

Best gym with the best trainers
Ashton Tolou | Facebook

Shape it Fitness Client, Tarzana

My first work out with Brian was intense and it was only 30 mins!! Deff a good work out! looking forward to more! Lets get it!
Peter Abraham | Facebook

Shape it Fitness Client, Reseda

What can I say? This gym is the home of some of the best training capital available, especially when it comes to my trainer Sanaz.

I don’t even know where to start.

When I first met Sanaz, I was in pretty bad shape. She gave me motivation and tools to change my diet and fit exercise into my daily life, including meeting with her for half an hour twice a week.

Sanaz has so much compassion for her clients and she’s in the business of helping clients achieve their goals. Not only is Sanaz an amazing trainer but a good friend yoo because she genuinely cares about your success.

As far as my success goes, I’ve lost 30 pounds since July. I would call my journey a total transformation and Sanaz had played a crucial role in it.

Though I moved to the West side a couple months ago, I still come here in the evening during my work week just so I can train with Sanaz.

If you’re going to invest in training and are motivated in changing your pofe for the better, going to this gym and training with Sanaz is your best bet.

Michelle I. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Berkeley

I have been working with Sanaz for about 5 months now and I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am that she is my trainer.
She is truly dedicated to her clients.
From the beginning, Sanaz asked me about my fitness goals and has been helping me work toward them.
Her expertise has guided me in every facet, from adjusting my diet to directing me in each set of exercises to ensure that all areas of my body are getting the benefit of exercise and doing it the correct way.
She is passionate about what she does, has a great sense of humor, and knows exactly how to get me to do the work without being a slave driver or, more importantly, without leading to injury.
Even when I question if I am making enough progress, she remains positive and encouraging, always letting me know that I am definitely making progress.
When I first started I thought that working with her 3 sessions per week would be ample time to get to my goals.  I have learned that there is definitely a lot more work that I need to do on my own and Sanaz is always willing to explain what I need to work on between sessions.
I really could go on and on, I am so impressed with her, but suffice it to say that I feel most fortunate that Sanaz is my trainer and I look forward to working with her as long as she will keep me as her client.
Glenn P. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Woodland Hills

I love this friendly and professional private gym and i must say: Amir, thank you so much for all of your guidance, inspiration, care and for helping me become a better me. Just want to let you know how much you are appreciated. Thank you for putting me on the right track to my new life. All of your trainers are amazing and I look forward to our continuing sessions. You and your expert team are the beeeeest.
Rana N. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Encino, Los Angeles

Amir is the best of the best trainer in town. Best experience best personality best atmosphere and best results  just in “shape it fitness ”
Ebi A. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Encino, Los Angeles

Shaida Hoban is the BEST trainer ever. She is Certified and exceptionally knowledgeable.

She is the best advertising for her service. She’s in the BEST shape of anyone I know and therefore an inspiration. She truly cares about your success and health. Her program is well planned and covers every muscle group needed.

What I really appreciate about her is that she is careful of you, attentive (not training you while reading texts on her phone!) precise and fun. Great for every age, gender and level of fitness of client. I’ve seen her work with really young people and more senior clients. She’s perfect!!!!!

Lucky me.

Claudette W. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Los Angeles

This review is specifically for PJ Hennigan, who I see twice a week and has dramatically helped me in my quest to lose weight, eat better, get in shape, and have sex with women who don’t look like me.

PJ will destroy you. He is brutal, he is merciless, and he is one of the funniest, nicest, and smartest guys you will ever meet. He is the only reason you will wake up and drag your ass to the gym to be tortured. Imagine if you were in Guantanamo Bay, but the guard was super nice and had a great sense of humor. Sure, he’s putting electrodes to your testicles, but, man, the company is great.

Some of the best workouts I’ve ever had. Boxing, cardio, core, all of it. You will go home sore as fuck, but your mood will be fantastic. And if you don’t eat like a fucking elephant, the pounds’ll shed. In a good way, not the herpes way. That kind of shedding is bad.

I’m proud to call PJ a helluva trainer and a good friend.

Oh. And tell him I sent you through Yelp.

Jonathan B. | Yelp!

Shape it Fitness Client, Tarzana

You guys are not just professional, but also HONORABLE and CARING for your students. I thank you all for a great team work. Nader
Lamarr Philbin | Facebook

Shape it Fitness Client, Binghamton

best gym, best trainers

Shahryar Moallem | Facebook

Shape it Fitness Client, Tarzana

 I wish you all the best.

Saeid Heidary | Facebook

Shape it Fitness Client, Vancouver