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Best of Tarzana

Best of Tarzana 2011

Weight Loss & Control Program

Best of 2012 Tarzana

2nd Time Award

Second Award winner for Weight Loss, Control Program


Attendance of Boxing, Music, and Fashion legends in our gym

Monica Pang, 3rd Place Miss America

Miss America

2006 Miss America was trained by Amir Asad

Amir is simply the best as we have learned a lot from him. Not only is he a great personal trainer and boxer but also a true coach that gives us the motivation we need to break through barriers and have better workouts every time.

Kamran & Hooman

The best thing about Shape it Fitness is their great equipment. Amir is a great trainer & boxer who is extremely knowledgeable. Come join us at the gym!

Miss Encino

I love Shape it Fitness gym because I get 100% attention & devotion from any and all of the trainers here. Boxing is one of the many options you have here at Shape it Fitness.

A Shape it Fitness Client

Amir is the best. He has given me valuable advice when it comes to boxing and we workout hard every day here at Shape it Fitness. Come join us!

James Toni, Boxing world champion

Before/After Pictures

If you can't measure it, it does not exist. For every single client, we start with comprehensive measurements of the weight, height, body fat index, body mass index, waist, chest, shoulder, back and more. Every month, we update our measurements in order to get a sense of your progress and adjust your body fitness as well as body health goals accordingly.

21 lbs. weigth loss in only 8 weeks!

Only After 7 Weeks