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Are you a personal trainer looking for a private gym to train your client at? 

At Shape it Fitness we provide you with what you’ll need to get started today! Smoothly and easily. First month free space and equipment use and a monthly rent due that fits your budget and is compatible with your professional needs thereafter are among the initial supports that you’ll receive from us. Please call us to learn more and get started today.

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Personal Training

Our trainers are all certified and will give you one-on-one attention to learn about your fitness objectives and maximize your results. We offer  complete training systems including Weights, Core, Circuit, Cardio, and Flexibility.

Group Classes

We also offer classes such as Tae-Bo, Cardio, Boot Camp, Yoga, Pilates, Weight Lifting, Private Training, Dance Classes, & more. Please call us to learn more about our classes or Room rentals. Schedule of Classes!


Shape It Fitness is a private gym providing space for independent Personal Trainers and their clients.  Ask about our Introductory Specials to get started!

Tarzana’s Best Personal Trainers

The Shape it Fitness training facility is the home to some of top personal trainers in Tarzana near Woodland Hills, Encino, Sherman Oaks,  and Calabasas. With the guidance of our personal trainers, you can go beyond your personal fitness goals and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Our trainers are all certified and will give you one-on-one attention to learn about your fitness objectives and maximize your results. Our professional personal trainers have variety of specialties. Some are best in fat loss and building tone muscles, some are the best in martial arts, boxing, and kick-boxing. We offer different packages put in place to help you accomplish all of your fitness goals

Students get 25% discount on all our services!

Aiming to encourage students in all ages to be active, stay healthy, and get the six-packs out during the, we, at shape it fitness gym in San Fernando Valley's Tarzana, offer a 25% summer discount on all of our servies including but not limited to personal training sessions, dance, group glasses, and more..
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Our Team of  Professional Personal Trainers

provide you with the most complete training systems


Weight & Fat Loss


Right Nutrition & Diet


Core | Cardio | Flexibility


Martial Arts

Amir Asad

  • Weight Loss 98% 98%
  • Nutrition 95% 95%
  • Personal Training 96% 96%
  • Boxing 95% 95%

My Story

Amir is a certified trainer and former Olympic boxer who has won medals while competing in tournaments in Russia, Pakistan, Asia, and Iran. He has been helping people achieve their fitness goals for more than 12 years. “I care about your culture, your overall health, nutrition, and making sure that you exercise properly so that you don’t get hurt.” Amir trained miss America to get her body in shape for the miss America pageant which she placed 3rd in.

Sahand Dolatabadi

  • Weight Loss 95% 95%
  • Building lean muscles 93% 93%
  • Personal Training 95% 95%
  • Martial Arts 99% 99%

My Story

I have been involved in fitness and martial arts throughout my life. I started martial arts when I was 8 years .I worked hard and do vigorous training to achieve my dreams.Be champion and keep it for many years.12 years member of Iran national team.Many medals and trophy in Asia, Europe  the best of these 3 Times world karate champion.I graduate B.S.University degree in sport science so before I came to USA I was 3 years instructor of Iran  national team.High level in coaching field.I’m top 10 model fitness in WBFF which is held in Los Angles. Now I decide with many experience to help other people believe and achieve their own goal. I have strong background in fat loss and power/ strength  training  Fitness and Martial arts.

Sanaz Ghelichi

Trainer picture
  • Weight Loss 93% 93%
  • Nutrition 94% 94%
  • Personal Training 95% 95%
  • Building Lean Mucles 93% 93%

My Story

Demonstrate my passion for fitness, health and overall well being. I wish to teach, help and coach people to achieve their fitness goals and improve their lifestyleHighly educated and knowledgeable personal trainer with more than eight yearsof experience in designing and monitoring programs based on individual’s health and need. Strong understanding of vital process of human body.  Energetic and always motivating the clients to reach maximum performance. Certified to train clients.

Siamak Limouchi

  • Kick Boxing 99% 99%
  • Martial Arts 98% 98%
  • Nutrition 93% 93%
  • Personal Training 95% 95%

My Story

4th Dan Black Belt Kickboxing with one year experience of coaching Iranian National Kickboxing team ­. I Design workouts, diet plans, and other training sessions, as well as focus on specific problems (i.e. injuries, obesity, etc.) for gym members. I’m a certified Coach and used to be a referee in the ­ federation of Martial Arts of Iran (Kickboxing). In addition, I received the third place ­ National Armed Forces Taekwondo Championship ­ 1995.

Degrees: 3rd level Coach 2nd level Referee 4th Dan Black Belt Kickboxing

My certifications include Boxing ­, Kung Fu, Taekwondo,Present Kickboxing , Certified Referee and Judge ­ Federation of Martial Arts of Iran (Kickboxing), ­and 2003 member of Technical Kickboxing Committee of Iran.

Ali Damji

Trainer 6 picture
  • Nutrition 99% 99%
  • Weight Loss 98% 98%
  • Personal Training 95% 95%
  • Sports Medicine 96% 96%

My Story

He has been a personal training since 2001.  He has 3 certifications through the national academy of sports medicine (NASM).  He has extensive knowledge of nutrition and specifically how it relates to disease. He has worked with injury and corrective based exercise and has helped many clients achieve success. Amongst those wishing to achieve weight loss and “get in shape” he has also helped the athlete from collegiate level to the weekend warrior.  He welcomes you to Shape It Fitness and looks forward to seeing your personal success.

Elisha Hudson

  • Nutrition 99% 99%
  • Weight Loss 98% 98%
  • Personal Training 95% 95%
  • Muscle Building 93% 93%

My Story

Mission:   Educate community in the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, and the importance of maintaining their health and bodyweight over their lifetime.  My goal is also to encourage and motivate those to do their absolute best.Training philosophy:My best asset as a trainer is to bring the best out of my client’s full potential, and educating them on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I specialize in weights, and body sculpting, nutrition planning, as well as competition prep. Education: B.A. Kinesiology, Exercise Science from Fresno Pacific UniversityFitness and Health Specialist from American College of Sports MedicineHighlights:Muscle Beach overall Champion 2012, figure Two-Cities Half-Marathon Competitor, 2009 ( National Body building and Figure Championships, 2008- Competitor ( years College Basketball (UW-Milwaukee and Fresno Pacific University)NCAA Tourney Appearance, 2006 (UW-Milwaukee)

David Dorsey

David Dorsey Shape it fitness
  • Fat Loss 99% 99%
  • Nutrition 99% 99%
  • Personal Training 95% 95%
  • Muscle Building 95% 95%

My Story

He has always had a passion for helping others bring out the best in themselves. Personal Training has been that outlet. he has totalled more than 2000 training sessions. His certifications include: Certified Personal Trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Certified TRX Suspension Trainer, and a certification as a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutritionist. He specializes in fat loss, performance training, corrective exercise and training programs for children.

Nastaran Amir Hassani

  • Fat Loss 99% 99%
  • Nutrition 99% 99%
  • Personal Training 98% 98%
  • Muscle Building 95% 95%

My Story

Nastaran Amir Hassani is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who graduated from the Personal Fitness Trainer program of Glendale Career College. With an understanding of effective fitness plans, Ms. Amir Hassani works one-on-one with clients to help modify exercise for maximum benefits & safety. She possesses a methodical approach for the various needs and training levels, including the proper exercise techniques and dietary fitness plans. Attentive to the unique requirements of each client, Nastaran is always familiar with the individual’s health progress.

Mohammad Reza Soodmand


  • Marshal Art/ MASTER DON 6 100% 100%
  • Body Fitness 99% 99%
  • Self Defence 100% 100%
  • Nutrition 98% 98%

My Story

Master Soodmand

Black belt Dan 6 in Hanminjok Hapkido
Trained in South Korea/Germany/Italy/Thailand
Certificate of Referee from WKF Grade 1
Certificate of instruction from WKF Grade 1
Body Guard & Body Guard Trainer for VIP & Celebrities professional in Korean traditional weapons
Archery instructor both for Korean traditional bow & recurve
Self defense instructor in city of los angels department Mission : immigrating to USA Under the command of GM Seo to spread the true spirit of Hanminjok Hapkido Under the command of GM Scott Seo and Sara Seo head of WKF headquarter in San Francisco
making our team ready from LA to participate in world championship in South Korea last week of Sept 2019

Moe (Mohammad) Sharifi


  • Marshal Art/ Kick Boxing 100% 100%
  • Body Fitness 99% 99%
  • Self Defence 100% 100%
  • Nutrition 98% 98%

My Story

Top ranked Iranian Heavyweight Kick Boxer who eventually switched his focus to American Kick boxing. A member of Kick Boxing National Team of Iran. He carries Master’s Degree in the field of Physical Education (Sport Physiology). Bearing 4th Technical Don in Kickboxing. Bearing 2nd degree coaching Certificate. BEFORE FAME He began kickboxing and gymnastic at the age of 7. TRIVIA He has 70 wins in his kickboxing career. ASSOCIATED WITH: He began his career with the aim to be a heavyweight boxing champion like Mike Tyson. International Awards Tournaments: 1st place of Martial Arts World Olympic of Tai Boxing. Russia 2010 2nd place of Martial Arts World Olympic of Sanda, Russia 2010 1st place of Golden Belt Tournament Competitions, Turkey 2006 1st place of International Competition of Thai Boxing, Syria 2003. 

National Awards Tournaments:

1st place in Iranian Heavy Weight Champion. 2014
1st place in National Kick Boxing (Top Kick Boxer). 2014
1st place in National Kick Boxing (Ushita). 2013
2nd place in Nationwide Competitions Selective for National Team of Vovinam. 2012
2nd place in Nationwide Competitions for National team of kick boxing. 2012
2nd place in Nationwide Competitions Selective for National Team of Vivinam. 2012
2nd Place in Nationwide Competitions selective for National Team of Kick boxing. 2012
2nd place in Iranian Champions of Champions Competition. 2011
2nd place in Nationwide Competitions selective for National Team of Kick Boxing. 2011
1st place in Super Fight Shoot Boxing. 2011Shoot Boxing. 2011
1st place in Super Fight Kick Boxing. 2011
3rd place of first Iranian Sport Olympic. 2007
1st place in Nationwide Kick boxing & super fighter, 2005 
3rd place in Nationwide Competitions Selective for National Team of Muay Thai. 2005
3rd place in Nationwide Competition selective for National Team of Muay Tai. 2005
2nd place in Nationwide Competitions Selective for National Team of Kung Fu Totayma. 2003
1st place in Nationwide Competitions Selective for National Team of Jeet Kune Do. 2003



  • Body Building 100% 100%
  • Fat Loss 99% 99%
  • Self Defence 100% 100%
  • Nutrition 98% 98%

My Story

Since 1988 I started Marshal Arts professionally, got my way to the championship in Iran, and due to some injuries could  decided to withdraw from the competitions. A few years later, I started body building professionally and started up my own Private Gym. I was able to accomplish 5 trophies in Tehran and my last competition was completed in 3 years ago. I have a tremendous passion for body building and personal training



  • Pilates 99% 99%
  • TRX 99% 99%
  • Spilling 100% 100%
  • Body Pump 98% 98%

My Story

Start fitness trainer from 2009 _certified ISSA company TRX, Pilates, Spilling, Body Pump, Stretch, Kettlebell 

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